Our business is to promote your business.

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Identity Plus, LLC © 2023. All Rights Reserved.                 3205 Harrisburg Blvd.Houston TX 77007               713-389-5245


In partnership with Winterhill Graphics we have over 30 years as International Political Branding Specialists and Political Campaign Consultants.  While our efforts have concentrated in the West Indies and Mexico we are expanding our services globally.

WE MEET or EXCEED Our Clients Expectations.​

Two armies preparing to go to War…What’s going to determine the Victor? 
Having the right strategy and Right Weapons for each battle determines who WINS the War!

We supply the Best Weapons for Election Battles! 

What  can we do for You? 
We are Graphics Weapons  Specialists

Principals have over 30 years in Photography, Graphic Design,Public Relation and Marketing experience! 
We do an In depth Analysis of Your needs.
Then; with Creative Thinking, Superior Quality,Competitive Pricing, and On Time Delivery… 

We supply the 
Right Weapons 
to help
WIN Your 
Election Battles!